2020    Review | <Animality loop> 화사한 사물들의 수행적 기록, Youngbin Kwak


            Review | <1st jgjj challenge : What if?> Konno Yuki


            Page | The Artro Contemporary Korean Art


2019    Interview | ANIMA MUNDI FESTIVAL 2019, Venice [Luca Curci, Itsliquid]

            Interview | Station & Station [2/W & Weekend]

            Interview | Hello Artist [Naver]

            Review | <Scene without sun> Kwanmin Lee 


            Review | <Scene without sun> Jihyun Shin


 Review | <The Art of Possible> JungWon Chul


            Review | <Scene without sun> Konno Yuki [美術手帖 No.8] 

            Review | <Scene without sun> Konno Yuki [美術手帖 No.8] <Original file>  


            Press | Eyes of attention : She sculpts the scene [Meditation-art]

            Press |  GT-NewMedia Alternative Cinema, Lotte cinema, Hongdae [NeMaf2019]

            Press |  Hyundai Meets Art

2018    Press | One of the 25 artists [Forbes Korea] 


            Press | One of the 25 artists [artbn News] 


            Leaflet | Paintings and Sculptures [AVPavilion]


            Review | <3x3> wonhwa-Yoon [Art in Culture, 2018 Dec] 

2017    Page | Concordia / Flicker 

            Page | ARE Holland

            Page |  ‘my chair - light’ and carpet in next door 展, Space Mandeok [Korea image broadcasting co]

            Press |  GT-Naming, Dividing and the Possibility of being In-Between [NeMaf2017]

  Press | <Wall, Ground, Atmosphere>, Kim Chong Young Museum [Diodeo]


 Press | <Wall, Ground, Atmosphere>, Kim Chong Young Museum [Newsis]

 Press | <Wall, Ground, Atmosphere>, Kim Chong Young Museum [Economytalk]


 Press | <Wall, Ground, Atmosphere>, Kim Chong Young Museum [art1]

 Interview​ | <The final scan>, ART SPACE O

 Text | <Wall, Ground, Atmosphere>, Kim Chong Young Museum

2016    Press | VERSION DE ARTE BITAMINE      

            Press | El puente Avenida será punto de encuentro entre el arte y la historia, Bitamine Faktoria in Spain [diariovasco]


            Press | Arte contemporáneo e historia se unirán en Irun con ‘Ri8era’, Bitamine Faktoria in Spain [noticias de gipuzkoa]


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            Page | BITAMINE FAKTORIA

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